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Our datacenter locations in Alkmaar, Alphen a/d Rijn, Den Haag, Amersfoort and Brussels. offer a wide range of colocation, rackspace and network services. 16 and 32 amper for each cabinet.

Our data centers contains VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) systems. These highly sensitive smoke detectors are linked to the Building Management System (BMS). This BMS is continuously monitored from our Network Operation Center (NOC). So any fire can be detected very early. Thanks to a combined fire fighting system based on environmentally friendly gas/water fog to extinguish a fire immediately. Data loss and business interruptions are avoided

To ensure optimum operating conditions and prevent equipment failure in all datarooms temparature and relative humidity are kept at preset levels. Your IT equipment will be located in closed 'cold-corridor' alleys. The cooled air is aimed at your equipment directly.

Datahouse has chosen security and reliability as its' main values. Your operation critical systems are hosted in high quality environments, offering redundant powersupply, climate control and full security. Access to the datacenter is limited 24/7 to authorized persons only. Of course, Datahouse engineers are at your service, of course.

All Datahouse locations are secured by CCTV cameramonitoring, access cards granting access to selected zones, access locks and tourniquets. Strict access policies are applied 24/7.

Our datacentra are connected to various internet nodes in Amsterdam by redundant fibreoptic connections. As these fibreoptic connections are operated by ourselves a bandwith of several times 100Gbit/s is obtained.

Duplicating or distributing your equipment over multiple locations is another option. Datahouse's datacenters are connected to a dedicated fibreoptic network offering fail-over-IP and synchronizing servers as unique features.
Our datacenters are equipped with severe backup power systems to ensure 100% availability.

As a part of our indrastructure, our 10kV transformers provide scalable powersupply. Individual power within the datacenter is supplied to each customer individually and guaranteed by continuous power supply (redundant N+1 UPS systems) and our own back-up generators. Various fusing levels are readily available both in singlephase 230Volt and in triphase 400Volt.
Datahouse's mission is to offer datacenter services at a very high quality level, applicable to her own services but also to the services rendered by the partners operating from our datacenters, to their customers. In order to provide a clear overview to everybody involved and to emphasize the close partnership with our partners in quality excellence, Datahouse introduced the Datahouse Certified Partner Program.

Partners are selected and evaluated against our quality requirements. Those that qualify are listed on our website in the Datahouse Certified Partner section. They are also recognized by the associated logo in their communications reconfirming our mutual commitmen

Datahouse Datacenters, Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Netherlands
handelsweg 8
2404cd Alphen a/d Rijn
The Netherlands


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