AMS1 AMS1 Data Center, Netherlands

  • AMS1 Amsterdam (AMS1) data center operates independent data centers to deliver the foundation for the digital economy. We are engaged in enabling business transformation through data center outsourcing solutions, neutral (cloud) connectivity services. We live and breathe mission-critical and have always been at the forefront of data center innovation and enabling customers to expand from a single cabinet to a multi-megawatt solution quickly and easily as their needs grow. Our foundation is based on making our customers successful by using proven, reliable, innovated and energy efficient data center technologies and services combined with best customer support experience.

With we will challenge the status quo. We're redefining Data-Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) by delivering advanced infrastructure and innovative services. We're agile, flexible, transparent, and offer a completely customised solution that's built around you.

DATACENTER.COM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Keienbergweg 22
1011GB Amsterdam
NLD, The Netherlands

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