Datacenter Spijkenisse (DF1)

Datacenter Spijkenisse (DF1) Data Center, Netherlands

Data Facilities provides professional, high-performance data center environment based on state-of-the-art technology for energy optimization, the required cooling capacity, switching and regulating valve equipment, UPS and emergency generators, fire detection and extinguishing systems, security and connectivity.

All equipment is housed in modern purpose built racks designed with 19" width and a depth of 100/120 cm with mounting options for 47 units (47 U). Each rack has front and rear access and closed off with a secured lock and digital code. These racks are made available to you as part of the lease you do not need to provide your own racks. For optimal cooling unused units will be covered in each rack with blind plates.

For optimal performance and to prevent equipment failure, our data center is equipped with modern, efficient and redundant cooling equipment, allowing a constant temperature and relative humidity to be ensured at all times. All racks are placed in a closed cold corridor setup where your equipment is fed directly with cold air for optimal efficiency.

Fire Security
The data center is equipped with advanced fire detection, notification and gas based suppression system. Fire- and smoke development are located at a very early stage and directly sent out a warning. This notification will automatically trigger our extinguishing system that, through rapidly decreasing the O2 content in the relevant area, a possible fire can be put out at a very early stage. This system ensures no risk of data loss or availability of your servers will occur at any calamities.

24/7 Security
Data Facilities takes security of your equipment and access to the data floor, meet-me room and other facility rooms very serious. Only authorized persons have 24/7 access to the data center, verified for legitimate access by use of a unique code and personal identification.

Availability of power in the data center is ensured by the combination of an N +1 UPS System and a diesel generator. Each rack in the data center is connected with two separate power feeds ('A' and 'B'), at 16A or 32A per feed.

The data center is connected to major Internet access points, such as the R-iX, NIKHEF and TelecityRedbusAMS2, connected by redundant, physically separated dark fiber connections. The carriers in the meet-me-room offer connectivity options for your rack from as little as 100Mbit to multiple 10Gbps links.

Data Facilities, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Boyleweg 2, Spijkernisse
3208 KA

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