Datacenter Groningen

Datacenter Groningen Data Center, Netherlands

We are Located in the North of Holland 15 min. form the city of Groningen and 15 min. from the german border.
Ideal for international business.

We offer a state of the art Datacenter. The direct freeair cooling to your IT equipment makes it very efficient and can supply a low PUE.

Our network can support up to 40 Gbps connectivity, and are carrier neutral.

Our power comes from a windturbine that make our footprint CO2 neutrual. Of course we are connected to the grid to ensure 24X7 uptime and bij outage of the grid we produce our own electricity.

To ensure you we meet the highest standard in the market we ar certified with ISO9001, ISO27001 and Nen7510. So we insure your business is save and allways on.

For more info please contact us:

Datacenter Groningen B.V., Groningen, Netherlands
Beneluxweg 4
9636 HV Zuidbroek
Groningen, The Netherlands

9636 HV

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