Data Hotel Eemshaven

Data Hotel Eemshaven Data Center, Netherlands

Since 1994 TCN is active as the brave and playful dog in the European real estate. Due to our flexible approach we are, even in the current market, able to introduce innovative real estate products.

TCN transforms existing buildings and areas into comfortable, functional and safe living environments. We work within coalitions that work together with a wide range of partners. Through the integrated approach to our projects (concept development, construction, investing and managing projects) we have a long-term commitment to all of our projects.

TCN is created by 200 people and has projects in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Austria and Russia.

TCN, Groningen, Netherlands
9979XR Eemshaven
The Netherlands


Office space Private Cages Rack Cabinets Footprints Dedicated Servers Virtual Servers Remote Hands

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