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Bhumishq Data Centre Data Center, Mauritius

Bhumishq Data Centre takes pride in being the most cutting edge technology Data Center housed in self owned and self contained facilities, located in a geographically secure and politically stable location, Mauritius. Bhumishq Data Center offers a full range of services including managed hosting, co-location, disaster recovery, business continuity, security, storage, content management, professional support and a range of application services.

Data Centre security is a top priority for Bhumishq Data Centre. We have taken extreme care to install the utmost security so that our customers know that their data is safe. Our Data Centres are located at heavily protected buildings where the security personnel are on guard 24x7. Other security features include biometric fingerprint readers on door locks, strategically placed cameras and motion detection, doors equipped with alarm system.

All our critical equipments are backed up by standby power generators which can feed the Data Centre for up to 3 days in case of grid failure.

[X] 24/7 access
[X ] 24/7 staff on side
[ X] 24/7 security guard(s)
[ X] Remote hands available
[ X] Automatic fire suppression
[ X] Video surveillance
[ X] Generator
[ X] UPS
[ X] Alarm system
[ X] Aircondition

[X ] Rental of suites/rooms
[X] Rental of cages
[X] Rental of foot prints
[X] Rental of racks
[X] Hosting of individual servers
[X] Dedicated servers
[X] Virtual servers
[X] Office space - ready to move

Bhumishq Data Centre provides multiple private transit high-speed connections to multiple Internet backbone providers, carried by different telecommunication carriers for added redundancy. If the connection from any single Internet provider should fail, Bhumishq Data Centre dual router configuration will route traffic through a different provider.

Bhumishq Technologies Ltd., Reduit, Mauritius

Business Suites Office space Private Cages Rack Cabinets Footprints Dedicated Servers Virtual Servers Remote Hands

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