Teliti Datacentre Data Center, Malaysia

  • Teliti Datacentre

Located in [email protected] in Nilai, Malaysia, it will serve the most data-intensive
industries in the region.

When completed, the datacentre will offer:
. Built-up floor area of over 386,000 sq ft comprising two 3-storey buildings
. 120,000 sq ft net-lettable area
. Loading/unloading bay, storage areas and office and business suites
. Travel time from downtown Kuala Lumpur: 38 minutes via Express Rail Link (ERL)
. Travel time from KL International Airport: 10 minutes via road
. Easy access to major expressway networks

The data center will provide a range of services including:
.Facilities management for the entire building.
.Environmentally-conditioned space
.Sale lease of hardware and software products and services
.Broadband network services: bandwidth distribution and carrier access.

Going Green
Teliti is committed to making its first data center as environmentally friendly as possibly. That is why we are investing to ensure our data center is built using the latest environmentally friendly design features. In addition we are committed to sourcing our electricity from vendors who specializes in low-carbon power generation.

Green features:
. Green roof system: One would not realise it standing on the outside of the building, but the roof of the Teliti International Datacentre will use a specialized rain water harvesting system that will minimize the center's impact on the water cycle. Rain is collected and stored
in a water tank, after which it is filtered and reused in reticulation systems across the green landscapes surrounding the building.
. Renewable energy technologies: Solar panels will be installed on the center's roof to help offset the energy demands of the center's operations. The backup power system will use a clean, bio diesel generator.
. Hot-aisle, cold-aisle containment: A best practice that significantly reduces power consumption, whereby server racks are arranged back-to-back so as to maximize airflow
and increase efficiency.
. Cloud computing infrastructure: Compute, network and storage resources are deployed as and when required, thereby maximizing the IT equipment's efficiency. Organizations can scale up or down as necessary.
. Best-in-class redundancy techniques: Top-to-bottom power redundancy ensures business continuity for the data center's clients. This includes N+1 power redundancy from the grid to all equipment in the data center as well as a fail-safe double UPS system.

High Security Facility
Like most Data Centers around the world, the requirement to be a high secured facility to ensure the safety of your data, Teliti Data Center, is not only bound by the legislation to put Security policies, Standards and procedures in place, but it is also obliged towards our customers and to the regulatory authorities to implement the measurements to ensure compliance, security and safety.
The whole compound of the data center will be declared as a high security area. The security zones are derived from the existing legal and regulatory requirements such as BASEL II, the Data Privacy Protection Act, and other global regulatory requirements as the data center will be committed to strictly adhere to the requirements by the GBI, TUV, and the Uptime Institute.

What makes Teliti different from the rest?

The data center, as the largest facility of its type in Malaysia and one of the biggest in Asia will be able to offer a lot of space to multinational companies, which will aslo be attracted by the fact that it is a carrier neutral facility. In addition, it will be a green facility built according to the Malaysian Green Building Index which is a significant competitive advantage. where energy costs in Malaysia are lower, and the country has a good infrastructure and political stability.

As it is a Tier 3 standard already, Teliti plans to further advance as a Tier 4 in the future. The building will be equipped with a net-lettable area of 120,000 sq ft, and will be capable of providing new facilities immediately, when the demand arise.

During these difficult economic times, there is an added urgency on the part of businesses to reduce the cost of data management- leading to a likely surge in the popularity of top tier data center operators in lower cost regions of the world, which includes Malaysia. As such, Teliti is looking to market its data center globally, targeting multinational companies and large public sector organizations.

Teliti Datacentres, Bandar Enstek, Malaysia
Lot No. PT. 29470 and PT 29471, 71760 Bandar [email protected] Enstek, Mukim Labu, Daerah Seremban, Negeri
71760 Bandar Enstek
Negeri Sembilan

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