• Byblos Tower B1 Data Center

    Byblos Bank s.a.l., Beirut, Lebanon

    No features
  • Infostructure Kfour Data Center

    Infostructure sal, Kfour, Lebanon

    No features
  • LEB-DC #1

    Lebanese For Advanced Information Technologies, SARL, Ras Beirut, Lebanon

    First Lebanese Datacenter With customizable solutions to meet your needs

    Multi Sites Availability
    - Shouf - Medyar "Main Site"
    - Beirut - Sallim Sallam
    - Beirut - Jnah
    - Beirut - Tohiwetat Al Ghadier

    No features
  • Primary Data Center

    Banque du Liban, Beirut, Lebanon

    No features