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Nano IT datacenter @ VEF Data Center, Latvia

  • Nano IT datacenter @ VEF

In the 2009 we have built a brand new data center in one of the reconstructed buildings of the ex-factory «VEF». During construction we have gotten rid of all the mistakes and problems we had with our first data center at the Latvian TV tower, where we had not enough resources (mainly, cooling and power), now we have enough resources to fill up the entire factory with your equipment.
Power supply

Data center is located in one kilometer from a new powerful «Latvenergo» power station, which feeds power to the half of Riga, including the whole Brivibas street and the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers. The power is being supplied through two redundant 1.2 megawatt transformers, with automatic switching in case if one of them fails. All equipment is connected only through UPS units by «APC» and «Socomec».
Internet connection

There are two independent internet links to the latvian internet exchange centers («LIX» and «SMILE»), and to the backbone operator - «Baltcom IP». In case of failure, backup link is activated in 1.5 - 2 seconds.

Data center is guarded by «G4S Latvia» and «Siksparnis Security» companies. All perimeter and inner premises are under a video surveillance.
Staff at site

Trained specialists are always at data center, who may restart your equipment, or assist you in resolving other related problems. You may use their help absolutely free of charge, up to ten times during working hours, and one time at any other time.
Hardware access

Feel free to visit our data center to place, remove, repair or reinstall your system at any time without noticing us during working hours. Free tea, coffee, computer with a fast internet and a WiFi are included.

Sia Nano IT, Riga, Latvia
Brivibas street 214M-2, LV-1039 Riga

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