KPNQwest Italia Data Center, Italy

KPNQwest Italy is an Italian company providing telecommunications and IT services to over 10000 companies. The offer includes IaaS and SaaS cloud services for the business-to-business market:
- Virtual Data Center, Housing, Hosting to support applications and systems outsourcing
- National broadband connections FTTC FTTH up to 1 Gbit/s, SHDSL and ADSL
connectivity and VoIP services for the Italian market
- Document distribution and archiving for the automatic processing of documentation
- Unified messagging: fax, sms and email automation

The company creates and manages its own infrastructure and technologies to support the services provided:
- The IaaS infrastructure is deployed in Milano within Caldera Campus, the main Italian TLC and fiber HUB
- The campus is also of MIX- NAP, the main Italian NAP, present with POPs in our data centers. DR site in Switzerland
- The IaaS infrastructure is deployed in 3 data centers, each with completely independent power mains, transformer substations, gensets, UPSs, and each with completely independent links to MIX- NAP and the public internet
- The data centers are near enough to allow synchronous writing in three separate storage nodes, each redounded (possible thanks to software defined storage)
- High speed links (N X 10G) to the public internet via multiple on-campus links

KPNQwest Italia SpA, Milan, Italy
Via Caldera 21
20153 Milan

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