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Every single company, wherever they are located, will surely develop. The need for data allocation, stability and speed to be accessed everywhere becomes the main attention. The number of internet users (especially in Indonesia).

Can you imagine? Not placing your server in your data center? Aside from access speed, you are burdened with making sure that the "Technical Support" is just right. And that's not all. Consider the level of questions to be answered by your support team from the problem that arises. Moreover, consider more in depth questions like, "What about the price that is offered?"

For all these questions that need to be answered, Dhecyber provides a guaranteed solution for you, the preferred customer; such as:
Commited Support

Dhecyber gives 24 x 7 x 365 "technical support" for a year especially for you. Aside from that, Dhecyber acts active to monitor every tool that uses our services. We will inform our users of the changes in the Dhecyber network, the addition of tools and problems regarding "upstream".
We do not use pirated software

Dhecyber gives an extraordinary solution to you as a customer, for the users of collocation or dedicated windows packet. Dhecyber gives Microsoft licensed operational system (OS). To operate your OS, we offer our customers Helm Control panel, so you don't have to console your machine or control it from the Dhecyber data center itself. Customers will only then need to administer their work through the Web.

For Linux users, Dhecyber gives cPanel control panel + Fantastico. Dhecyber itself is an official partner of NOC (Networking Operating Center) from cPanel. And you only need to pay in rupiah. Fantastico itself is an add-on from cPanel. Complete descriptions on specific software solutions can be found in each of our product sections.
High speed internet connection

You have made the right choice when choosing to trust your Internet needs to the services of Dhecyber. Dhecyber owns 3 main backbones that are connected to the existing Internet Exchange link in Indonesia. Dhecyber even gives a solution to your server, by opening the internet connection to IIX or OpenIXP as big as your server's "Ethernet Card".
Guaranteed 99% Uptime

Dhecyber gives 99% guaranteed UPTIME to every customer of our data center. If not qualified for the guarantee, Dhecyber will provide a full refund for every single penny that you have spent

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