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We are facing an era of which Internet and data communications have been part of our personal and professional life. With the business constraints versus returns, the demands are on customers to leverage the existing expertise and established infrastructure offered by service providers to achieve a more competitive time to market as compared to building an in-house infrastructure to deliver the same level of redundancy and availability.
Professional Data Center has become tremendously important for companies that are looking for secured, high technology and rich interconnections with minimum IT infrastructure investments. One of the most important factors driving outsourcing is the difficulty that many companies are facing in hiring skilled and experienced technical workers to manage their daily operations.
Instead of building a costly co-location rooms and network infrastructure to meet their increased demands, companies may as well use our world class data center. Corporations will find their inquiries of physical security, network and power redundancy and other environment controls within our provided facilities.
CBN Data Center aims to be the most advanced provider of network data center and interconnection service in Indonesia. Our state-of-the-art Data Center features secured and multiple direct premium backbone connections for high performance and redundancy, rich fiber connections to all major carriers. CBN Data Center serves as critical, core hubs for IP networks as well as Internet operations worldwide.

PT CBN Nusantara, Jakarta, Indonesia
JL. HR Rasuna Said X5 No. 13, 12950 Jakarta, DKI Jakarta

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