Verne Global Data Center, Iceland

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The global digital economy is growing and evolving rapidly and requires flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure. Our unique location, power, design and customer focus make Verne Global the obvious data center choice for forward thinkers across the world's most advanced industries.

At our Icelandic location, we offer data center decision makers an affordable 100% carbon neutral power solution that has unparalleled pricing predictability; a range of server density options; and efficiency without extra expense by using natural cooling. We enable our clients to meet their corporate objectives by providing scalable solutions that address both immediate and future power requirements. Our ability to listen to our clients results in superior custom service, agility, and a unique solution for their data center operations.

Discover how companies like BMW, VW, DeepL and the Earlham Institute are lowering their operational costs by going green with their data at

Verne Global, Reykjanesbr, Iceland
Valhallarbraut 868
235 Reykjanesbr

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