• Dataneum

    Dataneum, Budapest, Hungary

    With 3 service providers, Dataneum's Dataneum is ranked #2 in the Budapest market. At a national level, Dataneum is operating amongst 17 colocation facilities and is ranked #3 in Hungary.

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  • Dataplex

    Dataplex, Budapest, Hungary

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  • DoclerWeb

    DoclerWeb Kft., Budapest, Hungary

    DoclerWeb Kft is a definitive player of the domestic and international ISP sphere. We focus on providing high bandwidth internet connection and server hosting services for domestic and international ISPs and internet content providers. Our Clients require reliable, professional services, high availability, stable connection, high bandwidth or even international internet access of outstanding quality. Our company has a proprietary European IP backbone network and manages international IP traffic of 80 Gbit/s.

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    Giganet ISP, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

    GIGANET operates its datacenter in East-Hungary, which favors clients in the eastern Region, for instance in the Ukraine, or Romania.

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  • GTS Budapest

    GTS Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

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