First Colo Datacenter

First Colo Datacenter Data Center, Germany

First Colo's top-modern data center is located in direct proximity of the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, offering excellent connectivity to the world's largest internet exchange point and a wide range of carriers.

· One step ahead.
It was taken into operation in 2011. We made sure to only use forward-thinking, extraordinarily energy-efficient hardware that meets the highest standards. Thanks to an innovative air-conditioning system based on cold-aisle containment, we only consume about half the energy of a conventional data center; furthermore, our entire demand for electricity is covered through fully carbon-neutral eco-energy.

· Exactly what you need.
Our great strength lies in our ability to perfectly cater to our customers' needs - the technologies we implemented allow for maximum flexibility and scalability, and so does our corporate culture. All our offers are custom-tailored and only contain the features and conditions that are actually beneficial. We can provide spaces of any size: Single servers, half racks, full racks or even entire suites.

· You can rely on us.
Of course, top-notch security is guaranteed. Our data center is fully redundant and features effective precautions against power outages, fires, network issues and other safety hazards. We also offer protection from malicious internet attacks - successful DDoS mitigation is a field in which our DDoS Shield specialists possess a very high level of expertise.

· Always there for you.
Our qualified employees are available 24/7, on 365 days a year. We also offer a comprehensive variety of managed services and other additional features, ranging from IP transit to software solutions specifically for resellers.

As you can see: At First Colo, your servers are in good hands. Take a look at our website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

First Colo GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Hessen, Germany


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