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centron answers for quality: With knowledge and experience for your success. Our success speaks in our favor: In terms of service and performance, all that matters in our business fields is quality. We turn our whole attention to the needs and wishes of our customers. centron does everything to satisfy your requirements. centron's advantage: Performance and quality. We entered into this commitment since the foundation of centron in 1999. By abiding our guidelines, we are a reliable and strong partner by your side. Flexibility - From our own experience we know: If you want to meet needs and wishes of your customers you have to be flexible. Therefore centron not only is flexible in its operative decisions. Particular attention is paid to concerns of our customers - with every single phone call, every contract, every day. Only if we can offer you individually customized solutions, we can satisfy you in the long term. Independence - For our customers we want to move independently. In respect of support and service a high level of independence is only provided when acting as an independent corporation. Since its foundation in 1999 centron is operated by the owner itself. The company has been financed without any use of venture or borrowed capital but always by own resources. Thanks to increasing turnovers and a rising customer base, centron is still growing continuously without losing sight of the company's guidelines at the same time. In this way centron stays a reliable and strong partner for its customers. Project advice - Success of projects depends on used know-how, resources, and target-oriented implementation of selected measures. Projects of our customers are often very complex and come along with growing requirements. centron gives comprehensive advice relating to your projects and is at your beck and call with its know-how and experience. Outstanding support - centron provides fast and competent courtesy when needed - exempt from charges. Our technical support is the entire year available for your questions and problems. Our intention is to satisfy you.

centron GmbH, Hallstadt, Germany
Heganger 29
96103 Hallstadt
Bavaria, Germany

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