• Cloud9 Data Center

    Cloud9 LLC, Tbilisi, Georgia

    Cloud9 Data center is the newest and the only Carrier Neutral Data Center in Georgia.
    Designed and built according to Tier III requirements.
    Direct peering with all Georgian ISPs and Telecom operators.

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  • JSC Bank of Georgia Main DC (Lilo)

    JSC Bank of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

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  • NewTelco Georgia

    NewTelco Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

    In 2012, NewTelco opened its latest, brand-new, purpose-built premises - NewTelco Georgia - to become the first carrier-neutral data centre in the whole Caucasus region. This modern facility is ideally located in the central part of Tbilisi, on the Politkovskaia Street, where all the major Georgian telecom operators maintain their offices and Points of Presence.

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