Inforsud Data Center, France

Our company aims at solving all computer related operation problematics for French industrial SMB companies located in Midi-Pyrénees (south-western part of France).
We operate on two main domains which are "administrative" solutions (finance, crm, ...) on one hand, field solutions (infrastructure, systems, ...) on the other hand.
For our customers, we accomodate these domains to define solutions that will make the Information System a key part of the activity that will enhance productivity and efficiency. To achieve this purpose we have three approaches:
- Projects : We define new solutions, or enhance existing ones, to better suit the customer processes
- Operational continuity : We have a dedicated hotline, a hosting center, and specialized solutions to help supervise and optimize customers IS
- Field action : We have a dedicated team acting on the filed to do hardware and software maintenance as well as help with large scale deployments.
This approach allows our customers to rely on a reactive regional actor, whom is ready to help them transform IT problematics into solutions to help them beat thei concurrence they face on the market

Inforsud Diffusion, Rodez, France
Causse Comtal
12340 Bozouls


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