DATACENTER LYON 3 Data Center, France

ELB GROUP. DATACENTER LYON - Business Colocation

. E-gaming and financial services specialists with years of industry experience
. Track record in delivering high-availability services
. Best-in-class power and cooling - unmatched record locally in continuous service
. Leveraging Europort's modern property portfolio, M&E experience and Sapphire's technical resources

Optimum Location

. In the heart of the business district
. Optimal access to e-gaming and financial services offices
. Modern and sound construction - addresses risks typical of old and or converted facilities
. Access to sea water to feed chilled water plant - addresses heat dispersal issues found in DX/air only facilities

Modern Facilities

. Power/cooling plant with 100% continuity
. Free cooling and cold corridor
. ELB Group DATACENTERS have delivered 100% continuity throughtout their operating lives
. Multiple, modern and redundant chillers with generator backup in N+1 configuration

Service specifications

. Up to 4kW power/cooling with 20% headroom
. 600mm x 1200mm rack (included)
. N+1 UPS (generator-backed)
. N+1 dual-circuit cooling (chilled water with direct-expansion backup)
. Private suite option available - information on request

Support & Security

. 24x7 onsite support
. Varying levels of smart hand services available - Basic, Expert and Emergency
. CCTV throughout the facility
. Full environmental monitoring
. biometric Controlled access


. Optimal connectivity to Sapphire networks, with unmatched range of IP transit, bursting packages
. Local and international leased line services available
. Optional access to third-party service telecommunications and IT service providers
. Fibre links to other customer and co-location facilities

Ask for a quote : or +33. 437.430.037 (France

ELB Group, Lyon, France
47 rue francis de presenssé
69100 Villeurbanne
France, France


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