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Acropolis DatAix Data Center, France

The Cloud Computing Company--Acropolis Telecom is a French All IP Telecom and network operator in the SME market. Today, the company is positioned as The Cloud Company®, in particular thanks to the opening of its own Datacenters in France and to its solutions of high-density hosting and cloud computing. This new strategic positioning is dictated by the will of Acropolis Telecom to satisfy its customers by providing them innovative solutions and high-quality service.

Acropolis Telecom's short to mid-term goal is to continue opening its own urban Datacenters throughout France. Having already established an important presence in Paris and Aix, the company will soon have points of presence in major cities including Lyon, Toulouse, Nice and Montpellier. Thanks to this physical proximity to its target audience, Acropolis provides local small and medium sized businesses high speed Internet connections based on the Fiber optic networks from Infrastructure operators such as Orange and Completel, or the local Delegation of Public Services. The latter are responsible for developing the local and regional Fiber optic network; local and national operators such as Acropolis are responsible for the commercialization of the high speed connections to the end users.

The numerous and unmatched technical advantages of Fiber optic connections ensure the reliability and ease of deployment of Acropolis Telecom's All IP solutions such as IP connectivity, Internetworking MPLS (Virtual Private Network) to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network, Back-up solutions, Centrex IP Telephony, hosted or managed IPBX Telephony, Videoconferencing, Unified Communications and mobility solutions, and since the opening of our own Datacenter, hosting and virtual servers...

The company's mid to long-term strategy is to become a leader in the French Cloud Computing market and a leading provider of IaaS, PaaS and Fiber Optic connectivity in the SME market segment. In order to achieve its goals, Acropolis Telecom leverages its competitive advantages and expertise in All IP solutions: The opening of its urban Datacenters (proximity), an important range of Telecom and Network solutions dedicated to the SME market, successful technological partnerships with renowned manufacturers and editors including Microsoft, Siemens, Mitel, Cisco and VMware, and most recently, the launch of its wholesale program to recruit local and regional resellers throughout France...

Acropolis Telecom, Aix-les-Milles, France
300 rue Jean de Guiramand
13290 Aix-les-Milles

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