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Tallinn TVTower DC Data Center, Estonia

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. is a telecom and media services company with over 10 million end-users in Europe and more than 70,000 in Estonia. Levira has an annual turnover of 11mln EUR and employs 100 people.

In numbers
9 datacenter locations, total power exceeds 5MW, more than 3500m2 of available space. Main DC is surrounded by 20,000 tons of reinforced concrete and has been running smoothly for 30 years.

Human power
We speak Estonian, English and Russian. We do not have to rely on outsourced help to get things done. We employ qualified electricians, network engineers, systems administrators, monitoring personnel, security staff.

Competent support
We have decades of experience in offering qualified and competent technical support around the clock. We are excited to help our customers solve technical challenges.

Safe location
Safe geological location - no volcanoes, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis.
The TV Tower facility is located in a peaceful neighbourhood 10km from the centre of Tallinn. Free parking available on site.

Legal space
Data protection is covered by Estonian law which adheres to European Union law. We are legally obligated to follow standards, procedures and security measures.

We own the whole service stack and are open about our operations.
Our solutions are built on open-source software and can be reviewed by our customers to ensure security and trust.

Carrier neutral connectivity
We are very well equipped with redundant network connectivity. Excellent low-latency gateway between Russia, Central Europe and Scandinavia thanks to points of presence. Support for various network technologies, including SDH.

AS Levira, Tallinn, Estonia
Kloostrimetsa tee 58A
15026 Tallinn

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