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MicroLink Sopruse Data Center Data Center, Estonia

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MicroLink Estonia is the biggest provider of IT services in Estonia with a staff of 200 experts in their field. Established in 1991, MicroLink has years of experience in offering IT services to our clients. All MicroLink services meet the requirements of the quality management standard ISO 9001:2008, ensuring high quality and transparency in rendering our services.

MicroLink has four data centres and one of the biggest system administration departments in the Baltic States.

MicroLink offers the following services:
Information Management Solutions;
Server housing - the data centre ensures the conditions for the operation of servers;
Software hosting - software and application hosting service;
Administration and maintenance of software applications - ERP and manufacturing solutions, customer relations and document management solutions, logistics systems, custom software etc;
Administration of operating systems - regular administration procedures (product support for Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, Linux products);
Database administration - ensuring uptime, configuration, maintenance and backup of the database engine (product support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Postgres, MySQL and Progress products);
Rental of servers and system software - no startup fee, only monthly fee;
Sale of servers and system software;
Security solutions - firewall, VPN, anti-virus software;
Data backup.

MicroLink Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia
Sõpruse pst 193
13415 Tallinn

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