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Coolhousing operates its own datacenter with three server rooms in the center of Prague. Our server rooms are cooled via a system of cold and hot aisles by several independent air condition units in the N+1 configuration. We cover power grid outages through the central UPS and diesel aggregates. Our network is build in Juniper and Cisco technology. We are directly connected in to NIX, FENIX, SIX and internet exchange points. Connectivity is fully geographically backuped. Our services includes colocation, rent of virtual, dedicated and managed servers and many more.

The Coolhousing datacentre network can be called a multivendor solution - a combination of Juniper and Cisco brand technologies. The datacentre infrastructure combines the best features from the "Spine & Leaf" and "STP" topologies. The "Spine & Leaf" topology is characterised by high speed, predictability, scalability, and efficient communication. All the network routes that are used by the Coolhousing datacentre topology are configured in an active state using the Equal-Cost Multipathing (ECMP) method. This configuration allows using all the connections at the same time, while the network remains stable and loop-free. Thanks to such adjustment, the datacentre infrastructure is fully redundant and operated in a high-availability (HA) mode. In addition, the presence of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), which is also part of the datacentre network, makes it possible to immediately reroute the traffic over another route in the event of a major failure or breakdown of multiple active elements of the network.

In January 2015, Coolhousing won the statute of a "trusted provider" when it joined the Secure Network Project, together with other major players FENIX. The FENIX Project originated at the Czech peering node NIX.CZ in 2013 as a response to intensive DoS attacks which targeted major Czech media, banks and mobile operators in March of that year. The aim of the project is to ensure availability of Internet services in case of a DoS attack, from at least the most important service and content providers that are participating in this activity. With Coolhousing, you too can join the Czech internet elite.

COOLHOUSING s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic
Vinohradska 2405/190
130 00 Prague
Czech Republic

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