VIP datacenter Data Center, Croatia

Electric power equipment power electricity comprises:

-two independent medium voltage inputs
-own substations
-low voltage wiring
-generator station with diesel-electric generators
-two independent uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with 2N redundancy
-protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, interruptions and voltage dips

Central supervisory and control system

Monitoring of relevant size power supply (current, power, voltage, power factor, etc.).

Control of power equipment (substations, generating stations, Uninterruptible Power Supply System - UPS, distribution boxes).

Monitoring of the humidity and air temperature
Monitoring of air conditioning units (chillers, air cabinets)

Detection of water leaks in the floor

Air conditioning and cooling

Air temperature in the range from 18 ´ C to 25 ´ C
The humidity in the range of 40% to 60%
The organization of space in the hot and cold zones so that the chilled air from the air through the closet floor gratings forcibly blown into the cabinets where it passes around the collocated equipment. The heated air is then drawn into the air cabinets and cooled again, and the whole process is repeated
N + 1 redundancy air closet

Fire alarm and fire protection

Classical fire alarm system
The system for early detection and fire alarm systems (VESDA)
Stable system for fire extinguishing gas Novec 1230
Fire walls (at least F-90 fire resistance for all load-bearing and partition elements)

Security and protection

Video surveillance 24/7/365
access Control
physical protection

Co-location of equipment

You want to ensure business continuity without interruption caused by the unavailability of ICT infrastructure?
Want superior conditions for accommodation of ICT equipment?
Want to avoid investing in equipping their own data center?
Want a reliable partner for its telecommunications and ICT needs?
Choose Vip and place its key ICT infrastructure in the data center Vip!

Co-location services software allows accommodation of your computer equipment in Vipnet data center.

The space in collocation cabinets available in different sizes according to the needs of your company - from one unit cabinets (Eng. Rack Unit), a quarter or half of the closet until the whole panel.

Equipment that is not adapted to accommodate the cabinets, such as various tower servers, placed in specially designed compartments in the closet.

VIP provides various complex scenarios of network connectivity equipment collocated with other locations of your company both in Croatia and abroad in the Croatian countries within the coverage area of ??the Telekom Austria Group.

The service includes a shared broadband Internet access free of charge to Internet traffic (flat rate) with one permanent public IP address. Rental space per unit cupboard or closet rental section includes Internet access capacity of 10 Mbps / 10 Mbps, while rent-quarters, half or whole panel includes Internet access capacity of 50 Mbps / 50 Mbps.

Collocated equipment can connect and guaranteed broadband internet access, while a data connection to other locations of your company's services are available to connect to a data IP VPN or Ethernet network (these services connectivity contracted separately).

The price of space is included in the corresponding nominal capacity, depending on the size of the space in the closet:
Tours Section ´ ´ closet rack, whole rack
Including rated power (W) 440 875 1,750 3,500

or depending on the number of units racks (U):
No. Of units wardrobes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-20 21-30> 30
Including rated power (W) 120 210 300 390 480 570 660 750 840 875 1,750 2,625 3,500

Our ASN also peers and Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX) -, and we have redundant Google Global Cache (GCC) in our own network, Facebook (Facebook Network Appliance) collocated in our network and a peering with Microsoft CDN network.

Via Telecom Austria Group international backbone network we can provide high-capacity connectivity in CEE area.

Vipnet d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia
Vrtni put 1
10000 Zagreb

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