Megatrend data center, Croatia

  • Megatrend data center

Megatrend Poslovna Rjesenja is active in data center, business intelligence and B2B document exchange. Our data center is 10 years in production serving Croatian and International companies.

We are provider neutral and all providers doing business in Croatia are present in our data center. Main data center services are: collocation, dedicated hosting, disaster recovery solutions and virtual data center services.

Data center is ISO27001 certified. All electrical and air conditioning systems have at least 2N redundancy. In last 10 years our availability was way above 99,999%. All systems are regularly maintained according to manufacturers specifications and upgraded as needed. EM systems are designed and maintained that in worst case scenario no component reaches 80% of its designed capacity.

We provide the best SLA on market and can provide quality service to any customer.

Megatrend Poslovna Rjesenja, Zagreb, Croatia
Bani 75
10010 Zagreb
Zagreb (city), Croatia

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