• Anacondaweb Colombia

    Anacondaweb S.A., Medellin, Colombia

    We are a company with over 10 years experience.

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  • Bogota, Colombia

    CenturyLink, Bogota, Colombia

    The Premier Elite CenturyLink Data Center in Bogota, Colombia, offers computer platforms that support everything from secure storage and backup systems to cloud services.

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  • Dataware Sistemas

    Dataware Sistemas Ltda., Medellin, Colombia

    More than 25 years old company with full experience in "Contingency for Continuity Business".
    We provide "Cloud Computing" services, Virtualization, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), with full Scalability, Redundancy and Backup, services designed to solve your needs allowing you to increase productivity, optimize your processes and most important thing: Reduce costs and sleep well with your IT. We provide ITC infrastructure for sale and rent.
    We provide internet and data conections nation wide directly to our Data Center.

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  • Equinix BG1

    Equinix, Bogota, Colombia

    Bogotá data center BG1 is located in the Zona Franca trade zone, BG1 is home to one of the largest data centers in Colombia

    ISO 27001 PCI DSS NIST 800-53/FISMA
  • IPXON Data Center, Colombia-Bogota

    IPXON Networks, Bogota, Colombia

    Managed services expert since 2005, managing IT and Telecommunications. IPXON Networks offers 24x7 technical support, Service Oriented IT platform & Service Level Agreement (SLA) according to their costumer's needs. Our products: Cloud Solutions, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Hosting, Streaming, Cloud PBX.

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  • Net Group S.A

    Net Group S.A, Cali, Colombia

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  • NXnet Colombia

    NXnet Solutions, Bogota, Colombia

    NXnet Solutions is a company with more than 12 years of history, which includes several brands of hosting and value-added services on the web in several Latin American countries.

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