WeDoHosting Data Center, Canada's state-of-the-art Internet Data Center is the first of its kind in Victoria. This class "A" facility is equipped with advanced features such as redundant battery and generator power systems, computer-grade air conditioning and sophisticated systems monitoring, video surveillance and multiple physical and electronic access control systems.

Maintaining focus in business is tough enough. Adding the stress of managing your web server can easily become overwhelming. In-house server hosting facilities are traditionally inadequate and costly to set up and maintain. Frequent technology upgrades, staff training, and purchases of new hardware and software are just some of the expenses and hassels associated with maintaining a server in-house. Increasingly, private and public sector organizations are realizing that outsourcing their Internet operations is the smart choice.

Facility has recently been expanded over 150% to meet growth demands, including new 65Kw generator, 50 Ft/3 /hr hot air exhaust system , and advanced hot/cold lanes to maximize cooling rates while reducing environmental impact and much more. Inc, Vancouver, Canada
101-4226 Commerce Circle
V8Z6N6 Victoria


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