MTL 4 Data Center, Canada

  • MTL 4

Cologix’s enterprise-grade facility at 7171 Jean Talon East is a hardened data centre advantageous for enterprise applications with geographic redundancy to downtown, higher power densities, exceptional security, upgraded infrastructure, and enhanced redundancy. Cologix continues to build on the 10-year legacy in Montréal as the city’s oldest and first colocation provider with the most carriers available. The seven Cologix data centres throughout the city, amounting to approximately 100,000 SQF and including Montréal’s only carrier hotel, are also connected via Metro Connect solutions and high count dark fibre to offer the utmost connectivity.

Cologix, Montreal, Canada
7171 Jean-Talon East, Montréal, Qc, North Montréal

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy


12000sq. ft. VESDA

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