MTL 2, Canada

  • MTL 2

Cologix’s data centre on Nun’s Island offers enhanced infrastructure and geographic redundancy to downtown with easy access. The purpose-built facility is one of seven Cologix data centres throughout Montréal, spanning approximately 100,000 SQF and including Montréal’s only carrier hotel. As the city’s leading neutral interconnection provider, Cologix continues to build on the 10-year legacy as Montréal’s oldest and first colocation provider with the most carriers available. Customers outside of Montréal also recognize the strategic value of this market as an interconnection gateway to North America and an attractive alternative to markets like New York City.

Cologix, Montreal, Canada
3000 Rene Levesque Blvd, Montréal, Québec

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy


12000sq. ft.

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