Colo Rive-Sud, Canada

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Colo Rive-Sud is a greater Montreal newest Datacenter built in 2017 with recognized technologies. With a 250 watts per SQFT ratio it is the only datacenter that is a LEED candidate for green energy. Datacenter assets are 100% paid and debt free.

Colo Rive-sud in details:

Magnetic card reader
Guard 24/7
Elevator lock after business hours
Man Trap

[Fire protection]
Fire Suppression with Novec 1230 Free Agent
Dry pipe double interlock preaction system TotalPac

Over 75+ carriers (resident and transport)
MMR with two entry points (Jacques-Cartier Bridge and Tunnel Louis-H)

Liebert DX (81 Tons total)

UPS Liebert EXM (up to 3 N+1 /2 config)
Backup Diesel with 24 hr+ autonomy (twin tank)

Colo Rive-Sud, Montreal, Canada
1225 St-Charles W
J4K0B9 Longueuil
Quebec, Canada


Rack Cabinets

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