ACI Front Street

ACI Front Street Data Center, Canada

151 Front St. West is Canada's original and largest carrier hotel complex where we operate our own high-availability infrastructure to support our clients' Colocation and Hosted IaaS services. ACI stands behind a 100% power availability promise. Toronto Hydro provides dual underground 13.8kV feeds to two 13.8/600 v 4000/5000kVA transformers. In the event of a MAINS power failure, a Liebert 225 KVA UPS system acts as standby for immediate use as the first line of power for all circuits within ACI's colocation facility. ACI's PDUs are backed by 25 diesel generators on standby for long-term power generation.

ACI invests in the growth and maintenance of our facilities on a regular basis in order to ensure we are using cutting edge technologies and exceeding all operational standards. Opened in December 2014, ACI's second data centre at 35 John St features 844 Strands of fibre leading to the Meet Me Room at 151 Front St. (422 diverse), offering redundant connections across the board. With 500 KVA APC UPS (A + B available to customers), there is more power than you will ever need to protect your equipment from outages, plus a new Busway Power Design (with individual metered circuits) means we can get you connected with just a click.

Accelerated Connections Inc, Toronto, Canada
151 Front Street West
M5J2N1 Toronto
Ontario, Canada

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