YourDC Hawthorn

YourDC Hawthorn Data Center, Australia

YourDC is Adelaide's most committed and up-to-date private Data Centre provider.
We operate two modern and purpose-built Data Centres in Adelaide including South Australia's only certified Tier-3 facility. We are the only provider to offer multiple sites with true north/south geographic diversity.

Our Data Centres are used by Business, Corporate and Government customers to house and operate their mission critical servers and infrastructure. Our facilities offer an extremely secure physical environment with access to large quantities of reliable electricity.

Our Co-Location Rooms have a large cooling capability to ensure our customers' equipment remains at an optimum temperature for efficient and reliable operation. The rooms feature active protection against fire and flood, and are kept extremely clean which eliminates the issue of dust and airborne pollutants that can occur when servers are operated within an office environment.

YourDC, Adelaide, Australia
60 Belair Rd
5062 Hawthorn
SA, Australia


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