Intellicentre 4 Bunker

Intellicentre 4 Bunker Data Center, Australia

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Managed servers, Private clouds, Hybrid clouds, and Virtual Data Centres. Our team know them all back to front and inside out. And make sense of them for you. Cloud can seem complex. But not when you've got us behind you. Everyone talks about the cloud. But we make it a reality.

We are Australia's specialists in cloud services for business and government. We create flexible, fully-certified hybrid IT solutions, built on industry-standard platforms and backed by government-approved accreditation. We're proudly Australian, with powerful data centres based in Sydney and Canberra. All supported by a team of passionate and experienced cloud specialists.

We'll listen, think, throw ideas around and then attack the whiteboard until we've nailed the best answer for you. We've built our business on bringing smart minds together with a can-do attitude. It's a good feeling when our customers call us `part of our team'. That's why we exist.

Macquarie Cloud Services, Canberra, Australia
7/54 Marcus Clarke St,
2601 Canberra
ACT, Australia

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