DC2+DC3 Data Center, Australia

The key service capabilities of our Tier 2+ data centre are:

Power and cooling
power feeds sufficient for up to 7Kw of equipment per rack
Redundant generators
Multiple redundant UPS with separate battery containment
Hot aisle/cool aisle separation
24/7/365 HVAC control and monitoring.

Security and protection
24/7/365 on-site security
Alarmed and monitored access points with perimeter security cameras and internal CCTV monitors
Secure controlled access procedures from the site to the rack
Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus(VESDA) Installed
Inert gas fire suppression systems.

Resilient, fast interconnectivity between sites for failover and live/live capability
Dual electrical feeds to racks
Dual chilled water feeds for cooling systems with isolation and control manifolds
Redundant cooling systems for any rack
Additional space available for redundant server capacity
Multi homed IP provision
Communications carrier agnostic
Multiple IP providers available.

TasmaNet, Hobart, Australia
30-38 Innovation Drive
7010 Dowsings Point
Tasmania, Australia


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