AmazeDC S1

AmazeDC S1 Data Center, Australia

Located in Waterloo, just one train station from the Sydney CBD, AmazeDC S1 was opened in August 2008. The building has capacity for 100 racks of IT infrastructure. The DC has N+1 power and air and more recently upgrading our infrastructure working towards achieving a 4.5 star nema rating.

Amaze comes from a rich background in the Internet Service Provider market in Australia. As such our team has some of the most talented engineers on staff that understand IT infrastructure from the mechanical services, right through the the software running on top of the stack. Our clients consistently rely on us to support their business as they journey from hosted on-premise equipment to moving their infrastructure to AmazeDC.

With AmazeDC S1, and our redundant dark fibre network that connects to all of the largest data centres and peering locations in Sydney, you will be able to direct connect to any Cloud Service, Transit, Infrastructure Service Provider or Platform-as-a-Service available.

Amaze can assist further by leveraging our network infrastructure to keep your costs down.

Reach out to us, we'd love to Amaze you.

Amaze, Sydney, Australia
2/340 George ST
2017 Waterloo
NSW, Australia


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