Nxnet Data Center, Argentina

NXnet Solutions is a company with more than 12 years of history, which includes several brands of hosting and value-added services on the web in several Latin American countries.

Among our services:
- Cloud Hosting
- Virtual & Dedicated servers
- Colocations
- Domain Regitration and SSL certificates
- eMail marketing
- Digital invoice

Strength in numbers:

Headquaters in Argentina, and branch in Chile with local staff. We provide services in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Europe and the US. More than 15.000 customers Worldwide and 50 employees.

NXnet Solutions, is the result of a combined experience between our brands and companies in which we make possible to offer to our customers the best solution in the market.

NXnet Solutions, Vicente Lopez, Argentina
Echeverria 2864
1065 Vicente Lopez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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