• Angonap

    Angola Cables, Luanda, Angola

    Angola Cables is a dedicated wholesale carrier, whose core business is the commercialization of capacity in international for voice and data circuits through submarine fiber optic cable.

    It is also responsible for the management of international transmission capacity to telecommunications operators in order to increase interconnection between Angola and the world.

    Our main services are - Circuits, Colocation and IP transit

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  • ASA MSTelcom Data Centre

    ASA MSTelcom, Luanda, Angola

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  • CFIN ATLANTICO Data Center

    Banco Millennium Atlantico (BMA), Tatatona, Angola

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  • ITA Luanda

    ITA - Internet Technologies Angola, SA, Luanda, Angola

    ITA has its own Datacenter with capacity for hosting and management of IT (Information Technology) infrastructures.

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    Multipla, Luanda, Angola

    Our Company is a Integrations IT solutions on IP
    Give to our clients integrations solutions for their Datacenters and support services.
    With more 20 techs to support our clients as Banks, Insurance companies, Retail, Drink Companies.
    Built in 1995 is Angola Company with more 17 years grows every year 15%.

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