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Asia Consultancy Group (ACG) is a privately-held international services company engaged in facilitating the development of 21st Century digital technologies in Afghanistan. Our aim is to provide premier Information and Communication engineering and consultancy services, open access customer neutral network infrastructure, and develop data centers in support of Afghan ICT sector.
Our primary offering is an infrastructure ready for co-locating data centers designed for various purposes. We can host servers to fulfill our customers requirements including but not limited to e-government data centers, web hosting, email servers, banking and private accounting data backup solutions, enterprise application cloud computing and storage area networks.
In Kabul, ACG Data Center located at company's headquarters, in Shashdarak. Being at the heart of the security green area, it has access to optical fiber hub, as well as having line of sight and connectivity link to almost all over the city.
Also ACG has data centers in five major cities, serving all over Afghanistan Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-e Sharif, Jalalaba and Kunduz. Each of these data centers can serve as an efficient local solution for the area and reduces the cost of the services and connectivity.

Asia Consultancy Group, Kabul, Afghanistan
Shashdarak 2nd
1002 Kabul
Kabul, Afghanistan

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