2299 Busse Road Data Center, USA

  • 2299 Busse Road

Located a few miles west of Chicago, just across the street from our 2200 Busse Road facility, 2299 Busse Road stands as a model of best practices. Forming a small but growing data center campus environment, both facilities are connected via an underground conduit system for diverse network options.

With approximately 336,000 square feet and a critical load capacity totaling 25.6 megawatts, CH2 delivers the ultimate in flexibility and reliability—along with our standard-setting operational expertise. You can depend on uninterrupted service with cutting-edge power, security, cooling and energy efficiency options to help protect your most critical IT assets.

Digital Realty, Illinois, USA
Elk Grove Village, Chicago

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy


40MW Power Capacity 336000sq. ft. ISO 27001 PCI DSS SOC 1 Type II

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