2220 De La Cruz Boulevard Data Center, USA

  • 2220 De La Cruz Boulevard

2220 De La Cruz Blvd is one of the most sophisticated and efficient data centers in the greater San Francisco Bay area. The 360,000 square-foot facility offers a critical power capacity of 36.6 megawatts. With a density of 207 watts per square foot, it represents a new class of data center in the Northern California market.

Its flexible design includes 20 computer rooms, 12 offices and multiple staging rooms—enabling your business to scale over time.

Whether you’re serving up Internet content, financial data or cloud-based services, you can’t pick a better location—or a more efficient, secure and robust facility.

Digital Realty, California, USA
Santa Clara

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy


60MW Power Capacity 360000sq. ft. ISO 27001 PCI DSS SOC 1 Type II

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