1215 Integrity Drive

1215 Integrity Drive Data Center, USA

  • 1215 Integrity Drive

Located in the North Dallas high technology corridor, 1215 Integrity Drive is a single-story data center facility situated on the southwest corner of the 69-acre Digital Dallas data campus. Totaling approximately 112,258 sq. ft., the building was constructed in 2012 and is the first Digital Realty ground-up data center building constructed on the campus. The property is fully leased with 50% of the leased premises expiring 9/30/27 and 50% expiring 7/31/30. Electrical service to the park is distributed from a dedicated, privately owned substation capable of delivering up to 100 MW of power. Telecommunications service is provided by nine different fiber providers currently located within the park.

Digital Realty, Texas, USA

Cooling Redundancy


6MW Power Capacity 118000sq. ft. FM190

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